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Friends, help Ukrainian tourist business to survive by planning trips to post-war Ukraine! After all, this is the best way to make a personal contribution to the development and reconstruction of Ukraine’s economy, get to know the heroic Defenders and honor the memory of the fallen.

A few words about us. We are a Tourist сlub from Ukraine, which was founded by a group of friends in 2011, but even before that there were dozens of joint trips. The basis of our activity is the organization of group and individual trips across Ukraine and all over the world.

At the beginning of the war, the database of our site was almost 100,000 accounts, so this is an approximate number of unique travelers who have used our services for 10+ years. Naturally, 99.99% of people who used our services were Ukrainians!

Our office is located in the city of Vinnytsia (, which, thanks to our Defenders, has not suffered significant damage! However, unfortunately, tourism is completely blocked. At the moment, we are unable to resume our operations (travel services) even by 5%. All we have left is volunteering, so this is what we do!

We look to the future with big Hope, we believe in our victory, we dream of new journeys. Unfortunately, no one knows when all this will happen. Now we are closed and earn $0 a day, but the costs are coming. The main value of the tourism business is its staff, and the lion's share of all expenses are salaries and other regular payments. We have been gathering our people for ten years as a necklace and we would very much like to keep them with us!

Now you can help our organization survive this most difficult period in our new history by purchasing a Certificate for any amount convenient for you! After the war, you will be able to use this Certificate, for example, by participating in one of our regular excursion programs, or by ordering individual service!

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